Quicksand Identity

Quicksand is a multi-disciplinary innovation consultancy that champions user-centered design principles. They approached me to help develop their identity from cornerstone language to logo. The process was a 2 month long collaboration in which we distilled the company's past and future direction.

Project Sammaan

Project Sammaan is an initiative redesign and thereby improve community sanitation in urban slum communities across India. I acted as the lead visual designer and collaborated with a small team on research for implementation of the facilities themselves.

The Great WASH Yatra

The Great WASH Yatra was a traveling carnival through India that promoted awareness and behavioral change around sanitation and hygiene through games, performances, and an educational outreach program. For the funding phase, I produced all marketing and communications material. After the Yatra was successfully funded, I lead the design of two Xbox Kinect games for behavioral change.


REBU!LD was a documentary and reflection on one of the United States’ largest urban redevelopment projects affecting 88-acres of Baltimore City’s historic “Middle East” neighborhood. I took the documentary on when my own ignorance surrounding the development became too much; I needed to know what was happening in the city I called home.

Weakness, Tim Feeney

“In the end, this is 16 pages and 42 minutes of deep shit...” Full Spectrum records approached me to create the artwork and accompanying booklet to experimental artist Tim Feeney's album, Weakness. The music is abrasive, yet delicate. Hard to penetrate, yet easy to hear. Feeney's words describe a story of estrangement from music and my artwork attempts to accompany that feeling.

Published Illustrations

Freelance illustration work for various books, periodicals, and websites. Illustration remains an important outlet for me because of its fast pace and 'brain teaser' quality of challenge.